Business services

If you want assistance with administrative or regulatory tasks, we can help you. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on what you do best: asset management and client service.

Business services

Centevo offers a complete outsourcing service for the administrative processes associated with asset management, including everything from contract notes, settlement processing and reconciliation through to portfolio valuation and reporting. We can, for example, carry out an independent performance assessment of your investment management. We also offer fund administration services, which include NAV calculation, unit holder management, and reporting to the authorities.

Our digital platform offers real-time portfolio updates and gives you access to a high-quality manager tool to use for order processing and pre-compliance, for example. Centevo has extensive experience of finance administration and delivers high-quality services that enable you to focus on your core activity of asset management.

Björn Ambrén

Head of Business Operations
+46 (0) 70 786 5053

Why choose Centevo?

We are Centevo: A company that develops its offer and services at a rapid pace, driven by its clients' agendas. We also have a stable owner in the form of the Oslo Børs VPS Group, meaning we will be able to continue developing services at speed over the long term. Our digital services platform is revised and updated continually.

Centevo is a comprehensive service provider of both digital and business services. Our back office support makes you feel as if you are working with your own colleagues who are just in office next door, with everything happening in real-time in your web browser. We can cover the entire process from digital KYC through to interface to your client's custodian, with interfaces to all relevant Nordic financial institutions and the major institutions outside the Nordic region.